“Launching Your First Airbnb Rental – How to Avoid all the Mistakes a First Timer Will Make”- by www.VacationHomes365.com (Vacation Homes 365” – A professional vacation rental launch and management company”

Even the smartest people have “learning curves”, and learning curves can be very expensive when you are dealing with a lot of money on the table. That means in order to do the best possible job when first launching your first vacation rental, you cannot do it alone. So working with a company like www.VacationRentals365.com, ensures you don’t make the many mistakes beginners do, and guarantees you maximum profits quickly from the get go when setting up and managing your vacation rental.

Set-up and launch is the first most critical stage. A real life example and reference that we give to our new clients, is a client of ours in 2017, that came to us a little frustrated about the launch of their first vacation rental home. They had ran it for 2 or 3 months, and when they came to me their gross bookings/sales for June, was about $4,750.00. Our company was hired in late July, and we re-did the entire house and marketing in two weeks, and in August they made over $26,000 in their first month, and since then average over $21000+ per month, about 5 times more than they were doing for themselves. We take 10 to 20% commission for our services, but as you can see from the results of this example, its well worth it. If you launch your vacation home wrong, which any first timer (or even second or third timer) will undoubtedly do, we are talking about a difference of more than a hundred thousand dollars in just the first year. In fact, most likely you would have too many costs, and you would quickly find yourself unprofitable.

The reason why its easy to make mistakes on vacation rental launches, is for a multiple number of reasons, but the top five areas that people fall short way short in are the following

  1. Interior Design Skills (specifically for Airbnb in mind)

2. Weak advertisement

There are over “19” adjustments here that greatly effect your sales, most people will don’t know how to do this part, and will severely cut their sales. Also there are multiple web-sites and you need experience on how to deal with each – some take payment other require merchant services

3. Guest Management to get Good Reviews

There is experience you need for having your house ready for guests and what they expect as far as interaction

4. Sales and Marketing of their Adds

5- Proper interviewing of guests to weed out bad guests who steal and have parties

After launching more than 55 vacation rentals of our own in the past 4 years, we have recently opened our services to the “selective public”, and if we like the property you have to offer and we think we can make money on it, we would like to be your powerhouse for launch, marketing and management. Weather or not you have currently have a vacation rental that needs a make-over, or just need management, we can handle this all for you. If you want to be hands on in management, we can help you launch, market, but mentor you the whole way so you get the experience, and we take less of a commission for this. We work with both owners, and also just tenants who want to Airbnb their place either full time or part time and make the most money during the time they rent it out.