Why Complaints Can Be Your Next Step Towards A Successful Vacation Rental

Ever wondered why a lot of home owners decided to have their extra room for rent? Or maybe, you ever wonder why they even decide to spend their money on renovation just to have it rented? The reason behind this is that homes are now becoming the alternative to hotels. A lot of hotels are[…]

Why Exactly You Should Start an AirBnb Business

There are a lot of people today starting their own Airbnb business. If you don’t have the experience working on real estate property, this can be a bit intimidating at first. However, you have to understand that if other hosts with no prior experience can do it, then you can do it as well. So[…]

Why Do Some Vacation Rentals Fail to Make a Profit

If you plan on making a venture investing in your own property and turning it into a vacation rental, it is a good idea to know the realities of this decision. There are properties out there that earn a good amount of money. Unfortunately, not all Airbnb rentals can be considered successful. For this reason,[…]